Sunday, January 11, 2015

CRE8365 Day 11 - What do you see?

OK, today's creation will be best understood by those who have dogs and/or small children AND glass doors or windows.... I have had both, but now, I just have dogs, though it is only one of them who does this. I'll stop being cryptic soon, and for those who might say "ewwww", I say that I am seeing the the creative side of everything, and yes, I do clean my windows, on occasion.... :)

I'm sure you have looked at clouds at some point in your life and saw faces, shapes, animals, my hyperactive imagination sees those things in nearly everything I look at, I was laying down after church today, trying to take a nap, the sun was shining through the bedroom window, I began to see faces and shapes in the dog nose smears on the window (OK, go ahead and say it.... ewwww). Especially on the left side of the smear, a profile began to take shape, my sleepiness vanished and I had to try to capture that image.

It's surprisingly hard to capture a smudge on glass with a camera, on purpose, I'm more often trying to hide the dirt and smudges when I'm snapping pix around the sky castle, I finally got in the right spot where I could see the smudges and more importantly, the camera was able to capture it.

I took the image and sketched this design using Sketch Guru.

Here is the original image, you can see the "face" on the left side of the dog nose smear, you might have to click on it, make it bigger to really see it.
So, what do you see?
Here is a closeup of the image above

There is a book by Carla Sonheim called Drawing and Painting Imaginary Animals that teaches how to "see" faces and animals (mostly animals) in the random cracks of life, I have this book, it's been a major inspiration for me. You can see another image I created with this technique here (link).
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