Thursday, April 25, 2013

Doodle #3

I know I said one doodle a day, I'm trying :) This was done using a black Micron liner pen in 01 and 005, and a regular pencil.

I have to say this is my favorite one so far. I created this one while sitting outside waiting for my laundry to dry, it was a perfect day, sunny, warm with a light, cool wind, my dog Zoe was nearby laying under a tree. Since I was outside, I didn't have any reference material nearby, I had to work from memory and making it up, ie being creative!

I began the doodle wanting to do more curvy or circular shapes, I started with the circles in the top section, I wanted to create the look of perspective so the circles started out large and shrunk as they moved farther away. I started to shade the circles then decided to leave them white, they look like they are rolling over hills coming toward you.

The left section is just a series of half circles, sort of like sea shells. The far right is vines with leaves on a starry background.

A few days ago I saw a picture of dogwood blossoms, I really liked the graphic shape and lines of the petals, they were perfect to include in this doodle. The bottom section is where I deviated from the round shapes, although if you look closely you will see an undulating pattern to the horizontal lines, when I look at it just right, it looks like draping fabric.

I added some pencil shading to create depth and it was finished. I have to work on working slowly, not getting in a hurry to get the pattern and image finished, it's good to enjoy the zen like qualities of drawing without worrying about getting finished on a time schedule.

Oh and FYI, I now have a light over my computer area, it's about a foot and a half from the surface of the table so it's perfect  for drawing and doodling, thanks to PB!

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