About me...

So, who am I, your host here on this blog?
Well I am lots of things to lots of people, wife, ex-wife, mother, grandmother, daughter, sister, aunt, niece, cousin, friend, neighbor, caretaker, artist, writer, singer, musician, born again Christian, music director & board member & secretary at church, writer of many diverse blogs, animal lover, omnivore, certified night owl, deep thinker, fairly healthy, very happy, modern day pioneer living 100% off grid, organic gardener, tinkerer, crocheter, book reader (analog, digital, print and audio), computer whiz, website building, former hairdresser,  in other words, just plain ol' me.

That was quite a mouth full huh? Well, you wanted to know, right? I'll not tease you about clicking the "about me" tab, I do it all the time when I'm curious about the blogger I'm reading about, in fact I'm disappointed when there is little to no personal information about the person of whom I'm reading.

Another thing you might not know about me unless you read my other blogs or know me personally, I live in a castle, we call it the sky castle because we live on a mountain side, in the high desert of far western Texas. My hubby built it from the ground up, it started out as a small cabin and little by little he worked the outside to make it look like a castle, it's very small, cozy is the word they use for SMALL in reference to living space. :) Oh, and we built it very much on the cheap, much of the material that went into the sky castle is recycled/repurposed, whatever you wish to call it, the material is getting a second life as part of our home. We aren't vegan green tree huggers, not that there is anything wrong with that, but we recognize and take advantage of the fact that second hand material, things that would have gone to a landfill, or languished until it rotted away to nothing is a financial boon to us and the previous owner, they don't have to take it far to get rid of it and we get it for free.

Now, on to my art background and interest...
I've drawn, sketched, doodled and such ever since I was old enough to hold a pencil. I was born in Texas but spent some of my early school years in California, there they give you all your school supplies, I used to get in trouble because they would give you X number of sheets of paper to do your daily work, along with a nice fat pencil, I would draw on my paper and have to ask for more to do my work... the teachers thought they would be smart and take my paper away from me but left the pencil with me, well there was this nice flat surface, the desktop, it took the pencil quite nicely... so to punish me for drawing on the table, they made me stay after school and clean the desks, turned out that I loved that job! I made it a game and it was fun. They didn't know what to do with me after that. :)

On to today...
I took a hiatus from most of my art stuff when my son was young, 2 main reasons, my son made it difficult to take the time and space needed to do my art, and the biggest reason was I just flat out didn't have the time. Now, 20 something years later, I have the itch again, and with the internet and YouTube, I have so much  available to me, all those great and talented artists who freely give of themselves to show the world how to do various kinds of art, from doodling, to anime, to watercolor and all sorts of other drawing & painting & crafts stuff, it's almost an endless source of information and inspiration.

I hope that this blog is also a source of inspiration to someone else out there in cyberland.


  1. Thanks for sharing so much about yourself. Nice to 'know' you now.

    1. Thanks Anne! I appreciate your very kind words :)


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