Tuesday, January 6, 2015

CRE8365 create something each and everyday

Hello fellow doodleheads and artists :)

I always want/need more inspiration (read:DEADLINES) in order to create something everyday, fortunately I ran across a site that prompts us to create something, anything at least once a day and post it to their site.


I got in on the first day of the year, but because they are based in Spain, it shows that I joined on the second, oh well, doesn't matter, as long as I create something each and everyday to post there. Some days I do something quick just to get it on there, other days I take more time and create something more interesting.

Here are my creations so far,I did miss a day because of bad weather interfering with my internet.

I'll do my best to post my images each day from this project. If this appeals to you, then check it out, it's fun, there are some wonderful supportive people there.


I also created a Pinterest for my daily creations.
You can join this anytime you wish, it isn't something you had to have gotten in on in the beginning, that's a convoluted way to say JOIN NOW, no matter what the date :)

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