Saturday, January 10, 2015

CRE8365 Day 10 - Wandering Jew digital sketch

OK, here it is folks, today's theme/prompt is "houseplant", I don't normally have houseplants, at the very least, anything I expend energy and time growing needs to do something besides just be a pretty face, I prefer herbs for cooking and medicinal, it has to "earn" it's place in my life :)

This is a bit of an exception, though in all honesty, I am not expending anything on it, this is PB's plant, a Wandering Jew, we had it planted outside the house where we used to live, this particular plant came from PB's mom, from her garden. We usually grow this outside, it dies back in the winter and comes back from the roots, this winter PB decided to bring it in and see how it did.

Well, it did very well, in spite of the fact that the sky castle is cold, this plant is thriving, today I noticed a bloom on it, it actually flowered! Now THAT'S a happy plant.

I snapped a few pix of this plant in the window, my thoughts were to use the photos as my daily upload, then I decided to go ahead and sketch out the plant. This plant is very pretty, it's mostly purple with some green here and there, the blooms/flowers are a delicate pink.

Here is my daily creation, made with Sketch Guru.
Here are some photos of the actual plant.

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