Copyright and re-distribution info

OK, I'm all for sharing, you may download and post my images AS LONG as you include a link back to the page where you downloaded the image, I'd also appreciate a quick message letting me know the link where you posted the image, either email or in a comment here. I will give you the same courtesy for your art works and doodles.

You may not sell or distribute any of my artworks, you may not post an image with no attribution making it look as if it's yours. If in doubt, please ask.

I retain all copyrights to my images, all images and written text on this blog are mine unless otherwise stated.

Any pages I colored or painted from a coloring book and posted here, the original line art belongs to the original artist, there will be no copyright violations on this site (ie freebie line art that isn't mine to give away). I may from time to time give links to the artists' sites and even to their free pages.

Please respect the artists on the internet, don't give away their hard work, even if you don't benefit financially, it is still a copyright infringement, the original artist holds the COPY RIGHT, that is the right to copy and DISTRIBUTE their work as they see fit, if you wish to give away or sell copies of someone elses work, then you need to go to the artist and negotiate a licensing agreement.

If you find a freebie page on an artists' site, don't copy and give away those pages either, they are for your personal use, instead share the link to the freebie page, if you have to sign up for the freebies, then link to that page, not to the page you end up on for the freebies, the artist has the right to collect whatever information (usually your name and email address), if you bypass that then you are still stealing from that artist. If you want to share these free images, then ask the artist, they will either say yes or no, but then you have done the right thing and no one is hurt from that.

Please don't copy and share images you get from Pinterest of other photo sharing sites unless you are given explicit permission to do so, most of the pictures from Pinterest have been shared so many times that the original artist probably has no idea their hard work is being shared without their permission or knowledge, all it takes is one person to scan a coloring book and post the images online, then in no time at all the artists' hard work is out there for free, why would anyone pay for something they can get for free?

Support these artists, if you see something you like, then do the legwork to find out who they are and go directly to them to get that piece of art. The old line that so many use "I'm not making any money from sharing these images, it's all in fun and it's not hurting anyone..." is just what people say to soothe their conscience, it's not right to the artist, how would you like it if someone came to you after working a full week and only paid you half, or nothing at all because they could get it free from someone else, doesn't matter that you already did the work, you aren't getting paid for it. You wouldn't like it, neither do the artists whose work is being stolen.

OK, rant over :) Enjoy my work here and do the right thing, you will be all the better for it.

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