Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Doodle # 2

Here is the one I started and completed today, I have been having such a good time with these, I am working on getting them neater looking, again I blame the lighting, uggghhhh, I have GOT to get some sort of light near my computer area, even in the day it's not well lit up here... ok, enough excuses, here is my next tangle.

I'm happier with this one, it actually looks pretty good for my second attempt, it looks a lot more detailed and neat. I used my newest line markers on this one, I also added some shading with a pencil in the middle area (that design is called a "mooka").  The design in the upper left corner looks like a school of fish to me :)

I used a pencil to sketch out the string, and used my pencil to draw in some temporary lines in the upper left corner design to get the squares and inner squares more precise, the pencil lines were then erased after I drew in the designs.

A few days ago I spoke to our town librarian about this, she hadn't heard of Zentangles or anything like this, I did a quickie one on the spot to show her what they look like and how it works, she really liked it and could see the potential, we discussed possibly having a class at the library for the after school kids and even the adults, I am excited about doing it, will have to work on the structure of the class, how long it should last and what materials I will supply and what the kids will need to bring. I think this could be easily done with some printer paper, a pencil, and a thin Sharpie marker, we could also add some color with colored pencils, crayons and such.

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