Thursday, April 25, 2013

Crayon Horse

I enjoy working in color as well as pen and ink. Many years ago I experimented with Crayola crayons, I did some ocean and lighthouse scenes, they turned out pretty well, if I can find them I'll post them here.

I wanted to get back into using crayons, I have discovered coloring books for adults, more details and subject matters that appeal to the more mature as opposed to what is promoted to kids. I downloaded this image of a horse and worked it with crayons. My technique is to lay down light (pressure) layers of color, after each layer I use an eraser to smooth out the color and remove some of the waxy buildup so that I can lay down more color on top. One thing that is difficult to do with crayons is get dark black, it ends up looking a pale gray, so I used a black Sharpie marker to put in some of the darks. Oh and I almost forgot, I wanted to add a highlight to the eye, and a tiny highlight in the nostril, I used some white nail polish, it worked like a charm!

I did not draw this image, I only colored it, enjoy!

This image came from this coloring book:

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