Saturday, September 7, 2013


My first pattern, I enjoy playing piano, and wanted to incorporate my musical background into art, piano keys are very geometric in design and even someone who isn't musically inclined knows what piano keys look like. I did a search to see if anyone else had used piano keys in their tangles, and I found a few, but they were ALL flat, from the top down, not dimensional, so I made mine dimensional, it's really easy and I would love to see how you incorporate this into one your own tangles...

Music is very creative as well as mathematical,  it uses both side of our brain :)


I call this design P•Keyz (or P-Keys)
Stands for piano keys. It's really simple

1. you draw a curved line, it can be any length you wish
2. you draw a line on either end of the curved line, pointing in at an angle
3. you draw a parallel line, mirroring the first curves line, connecting the 2 lines at the top
4. you draw short vertical lines, coming down from the bottom curved line, these are the ends of the piano keys
5. you draw a line at the bottom of the vertical lines, mirroring the curved horizontal line
6. using perspective, you draw in the tops of the keys with lines going from the tops of the vertical lines, go at an angle toward the top line
7. this is the tricky part, you have to draw in the black keys, you start on the left, about 1/4 to 1/3 of the way in from the front, you draw a heavy black line, following the line vertical to the back. You do 2, skip one, do 3, skip one, do 2, skip one, do 3, skip one, do this until you have all the black keys drawn/colored in.
8. now add some shading.

You can reverse 4 and 5. After step 3, you skip to step 5, then do step 4, which ever is easier for you.

When you do step 6, I find it easiest to draw the 2 end ones then work my way toward the middle.

You can draw any curved line you wish, coming toward you, going away from you, or you can even make it straight...

You can do this across (horizontal) or up & down (vertical)

You can make one end large and the other end small

Here is my sketch sheet I played with to get this worked out. You can see another couple of designs I created but haven't perfected enough to create a step by step for them...

Enjoy this new design, if you use it, please post a copy if it online and send me the URL (web address) in the comments below so I can see what you have done with it. :)

If by some chance, this pattern already exists, please let me know so I can either remove this one or give proper credit.

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