Saturday, September 7, 2013

Doodle # 10 and # 11

This is for the Diva Challenge #134 "Beamz - by Traci F"
WooHoo, I got this one in on time!

I did two of them, there will be 4 pictures here, 2 shaded and 2 unshaded (line art). I have been having so much fun with shading these doodles! Here they are, the first 2 are the ones I'm entering in the challenge, they are shaded:

These are the line art before shading of the two above...

The pattern called ensenter, I created that and I'll post a how to as soon as I can come up with it... it was the carved decoration on an antique piece of furniture I saw recently. It was the "in the center" of the decoration, thus the name ensenter.

These were done with Micron liner pens 005, 01, 02 and 03, a Ticonderoga pencil, other graphite pencils of varying softness.

Which do you like, the shaded or unshaded?

The patterns in these are
Ensenter (mine)
Chicken wire (haven't found a tutorial for this but know it's out there)

The strings came from here:
TanglePattern 027
TanglePattern 005


  1. Definitely the shaded; what a difference it makes. Like the shaded ones very much; the unshaded ones not so much.

    1. Thanks Audrie, I prefer the shaded one too :)

  2. I prefer the shaded only as it gives the images a richness. I like the effect the shading gives to the second one.

  3. I do think the shaded ones are best. Shading always give a tangle something extra. Great tiles.

    1. Thank you for your kind words, I like the shaded the best too. :)

  4. Lovely tiles! I agree to previous comments. Your fine shading enhanced your tiles definitely. They get a wonderful 3D-effect. Nicely done!

    1. Thank you so much! I am getting less intimidated at going ahead and shading without making a "backup" of the original line art and working off of that...


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