Tuesday, June 7, 2016

New directions

Looks like I need to revamp this blog,  when I first started it was all about my new love,  Zentangle,  I did enjoy it for a while, but oh are we ever fickle,  we meaning me.  I turned back to my first love, which is art,  painting and drawing.  Along with some photography for fun.  So anyhoo,  I'll be working on getting shed of the tangling links and such (shed is a southern term meaning rid) and start focusing more on what I love to do.

One of those things is adult coloring books,  not like rated X, but geared more toward grown ups,  more sophisticated lineart,  even some grayscale pictures to color.

I've begun to dip my toes into making a coloring book,  but in order to get yourself out in front of the pack,  your name needs to be known,  I have become a member of a coloring team,  not sure I can divulge the name so I'll have to be hush hush for now,  let's just say that it's not just a single artist,  it's a monthly publication with various artists so I have a variety of images to choose from to color. I'll be posting some of the colored pages here as soon as I can. The images I've colored are for next month's issue so I have to wait for the magazine to come out before I can publicly post them.

I asked about telling people about being on the coloring team and was given permission,  it's the Color On!  magazine,  I am really excited to be on this coloring team because I am going to have access to many different artists' work,  not just one artist or one style.

I have downloaded pictures from some of the current issues and will be coloring & posting them in the next few days.

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