Monday, July 6, 2015

Another Elegant Writer Painting

I will say that this kind of art is improving my handwriting skills, something I have never been very proud of, my cursive writing when I was in school (back in the stone age) was terrible at best, and tended to change if I had to write a long page of text, slanting right, then left, if I didn't have lines to follow, the script wandered up and down and was just generally a mess.

I have been looking at hand writing fonts on my computer, but only to pick out a few letters I want to feature, I have ended up doing my own thing on most of these types of artworks.

I am still playing and experimenting with the Elegant Writer pen, I did another small picture for my niece who came out to visit over the holiday weekend with her mom (my sister) and her dad. I am pretty happy with the handwritten cursive text, I did do it lightly in pencil first, just to get the layout, then went over it with a Micron marker (03 I believe), I then erased the pencil then went back over the letters to give some weight to them.

Here is the picture, you can click on it to make it larger.

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