Friday, August 23, 2013

A Teaser, for now...

This is just a teaser! I know, not fair huh? Well it's just for tonight, tomorrow, well looking at the clock, it's tomorrow now, let me restate this, after I go to bed and wake up, I have a new book to play with, I'll give you a hint, it's about Zentangles, and it's about shading... :)

I also have a few new goodies purchased in town earlier that will hopefully help me create some new and fantastic Zentangles and doodles with flair!

See ya when I wake up :)

Oh and I added a new Zentangle blog to my line up, if you have a Zentangle or doodling blog, let me know and I'll add it here, I love this artform and I love spreading the love. My email address is:


I think you are smart enough to figure out how to make it work. Be sure to put doodle or Zentangle in the subject line.

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